Your Story. Your Ceremony.

Don't lose the point of your wedding

You are a partnership with an amazing story. Getting married is just the next step in an adventure you’ve been in for a while, a thing that’s a gift weaving in the lives of everyone around you. And now it’s time to get married.

And while the wedding is coming together, there’s one thing you just can’t seem to find and one thing you can’t do without:

A ceremony.

It seems they only come in three sizes:

  1. A 30 minute sermon on the meaning of marriage and well-intentioned advice
  2. A government official reading a terse and short script
  3. A well-intentioned friend who, while full of love and support, hasn’t written anything longer than an email since college five years ago.

In each of these cases, your story is lost.

And the closer you get to your wedding date, the closer you get to settling for whomever you can find who will just say anything.

But what if you could ask anyone you wanted to officiate? And know for certain they’d tell the true story about who you are? The story that honors where you’ve been and where you’re going?

I Believe

Your wedding is a chance to tell your story to the people you love the most.

Your ceremony can be the heartbeat of your wedding.

Your ceremony should honor that one wild, precious beautiful life that you’ve been given.

Your wedding should be special, regardless of your religious background.

You don’t have to choose between “personal” and “meaningful”.

The best ceremony is the one that fully reflects you.

My Ceremony Troubles

A month before my wedding, we were in a panic: we couldn’t find an officiant. We were in love and very happy, and wanted someone who could speak to the challenges we’d faced, tell our story in all its complexity. We wanted someone we trusted but also someone who could communicate clearly.

We were looking for a unicorn in this confusing, stressful wedding industry.

Our solution: I wrote the ceremony myself. I used traditional vows and untraditional story telling. My wedding party shared the task of presenting to the congregation and offering a “charge” to my new husband and me. I knew I wanted to be there for other couples like Robbie and me: people who valued the ongoing story and the richness of life and simply needed the words to make the ceremony powerful.

I decided that I wanted to support story-filled couples like you by becoming an officiant.

Lindsey Ford Photography
Lindsey Ford Photography

Ceremony Design Services

A La Carte Services to Design the Ceremony Right for You.

Getting to Know You

An in person meeting to get to know your story and your goals for the ceremony. Or, if you are long distance, a video chat.

Ceremony Structure

Guidance on ceremony structure and vow content. A finalized script used by your Day of Coordinator, musicians, officiant,  and other ceremony support.

Customized Ceremony Content

Original content not based on any template or pre-packaged sermon. Length is 5-15 minutes based on your wishes. Couple will be able to review and make changes before the wedding day. Perfect for couples who have a loved one they would like to formally officiate but want to supplement that person’s role with formal content.

License Guidance

If you choose me for your wedding officiant, your marriage will be legalized with a self-unionizing license, a simple and legally recognized procedure in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Ceremony Design: $300

You may already have a special person you want to guide you through your vows. I can also write your ceremony and guide you on your vows--and then your best friend or mentor or pastor or parent can do the rest.

Writer. Listener. Storyteller.

Lindsey Ford Photography

I like stories. I am a Story Teller. I get to the heart of the story beneath our experiences. I connect dots. I love people and I love helping people their stories in a million beautiful ways. I’m a writer and a consultant. I work with driven, motivated people trying to express their story in a truer way and build better businesses.

In my personal life, I am wife and partner to Robbie Fraleigh, a dreamy data scientist meets dance instructor meets master-of-puns meets goof ball. I adore him. Our favorite thing to do together is sit down with a whiteboard and some markers and draw our dreams for the future—and then make a good Old Fashioned cocktail.

We met dancing in a salsa bar in 2010. After seven years of ups and downs and lefts and rights, we got married. People say we’re adorable together now but let me tell you: we worked for the ease and safety we have together. Partnership doesn’t start the day you get married; it starts the day you show up for the hard conversations.

Let your wedding be a wonder. Let it be one hell of a good time. Let it be what you can’t yet imagine and wouldn’t orchestrate even if you could. Remember why it is you’ve gone to so much trouble… You’re getting married! There’s a day ahead that’s a shimmering slice of your mysterious destiny. All you’ve got to do is show up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe the couples you work with?

Couples with a big heart and deep commitment to the badass partnership they’ve created. A dynamic story of giving to the world. Laugh easily and often, frequently at themselves. While not necessarily religious, they often have values that are deep rooted and alive for them. Many have spiritual backgrounds they wish to honor and include, while also being clear and unashamed about their current journey.

Do you create ceremonies without religious content?

Yes. The richness of your story and the depth of this moment in your life is the entire point of the day. And you decide what is included in that.

Do you design ceremonies for LGBTQ couples?


Are you complimentarian or egalitarian?

If you don’t know what this means, DO NOT WORRY because it is DEEP in those theological weeds. I just know someone out there wants to ask it so here’s my answer! I’m very, very egalitarian. If you’re looking for a spiritual ceremony that won’t mess with the cultural minefield that is Ephesians 5, look no further.

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Send me a note!

I want to make sure that I am the right person for the wedding you want to create. So help me get to know you and we’ll find out if I’m the right fit!

Tell me your story! Who are you as individuals and as a partnership? What matters to you? What life are you building together? What are you creating in the world?